Amanda Bentow - Strategy

As a college student, Amanda helped lead two successful campaigns, one of which would bring a $20 million wellness facility to the University of North Dakota campus. She transitioned to the role of Director of Operations for the Health and Wellness department, becoming one of the youngest in the University at that level. 

After having kids, Amanda decided to stay home to raise them full time, while building a fitness coaching business on the side. She was captivated by online business strategy, courses, and membership sites and created several of her own courses to teach what she already knew.

As every momma-on-a-mission knows, there's a lot to learn about online business. Amanda's new focus became "build so you can teach." 

Her goal is to take things off her clients' plates so they are free to dream and build.


Ashley Woodhams - Creative

Ashley's working life started in graphic design and illustration. The majority of work produced during that time was for magazine publications, but also involved work on campaigns for The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Mayor of London.

Ashley expanded into marketing and management, putting strategies in place to build a successful Fresh Juice business from ground level to an annual turnover of $1 million +

He has also run two busy central London Bistro's, worked as a business consultant, been a Marketing Director in 2 companies and a University lecturer in Graphic Design.

In 2010 Ashley was part of establishing a design business specializing in Brand Identity.

He is now proud to join forces with Team Bentow.

Maria Macaraeg - Production

With a background in Marketing and Sales, Maria's business mind is always looking for new ways to keep clients happy.

An Industrial Engineer by profession with 10+ years of corporate experience, systems architecture and process building are her forte to keep the back office organized, streamlined and results-driven.

Leading a team of talents from the Philippines, this allows our clients to wake up to work that has been completed overnight.


Inaction is expensive. Wrong action is more expensive. Let's get it right the first time. The High Impact Strategy Session will create the roadmap for everything else in your business. Then we apply the cost of that to the services listed above if you're ready to implement. If not, you have a clear game-plan for moving forward.


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