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  • Not sure which words to put on your website?
  • Not sure how to post on social media?
  • Not sure how to get new people interested in what you offer?
  • People aren't signing up on your email list?
  • People just aren't buying?

If you feel confused, your audience is also confused. That uncertainty costs you time and money. 

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Clear Marketing Brings in Customers

save time

Work with an expert so you can focus on what you do best.

do it right

Use best practices so you don't need to do it over again.

reach more customers

Get seen, heard, and paid for doing what you love.

Hi! My name is Amanda Bentow.

Have you ever worked with someone who didn't listen to your goals or who was just guessing at what you needed? I've worked with dozens of clients who trusted their marketing to someone who wasn't prepared.

As your marketing guide, I have the tools proven to help you simplify your marketing so you can reach more customers.


schedule a call

We'll discuss your business, your plans, and where you'd like to go next.

get your plan

I'll give you a step-by-step plan that aligns with your needs, so your marketing is easier.

grow your brand

Get seen, heard, and paid for doing what you love to do.

Brands don't thrive on luck alone.

However, with the right planning, you will get more engagement, more leads, and more sales for your business.

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See How Our Clients Are Winning

websites that work

Heather was overwhelmed by the thought of creating a website. We simplified the process so she can grow her email list and stay in relationship with her audience.

messaging that saves

Peter was about to launch his coaching business but his story wasn't clear. He estimates a savings of $26,000 by working with us to simplify his message first.

design that captivates

Jen felt disorganized by mismatched social media channels. We created a visual brand package to match her ideal customer, so Jen can worry less and give more. 

On your way to internet fame

Let's create marketing that works!

You have an audience to build, a message to share, and a difference to make. But then there are all the things...websites to build, logos to make, posts, stories, lives, and more. Coaching groups, follow ups, leads, messages. It's all a little overwhelming, don't you think?


But I have good news!

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Your marketing can be simple, clear, and easy to implement. It can be fun again!

I once was overwhelmed by all the marketing, with few sales. I learned to do things differently and started helping my clients simplify their stuff as well.

When we work together, you'll know the right words to use in your marketing messages. You'll discover the next steps in creating automated systems that bring in new leads and convert them to customers. You'll even know what to do next if you're building online courses or membership sites. That way you can create your best content one time and make it available so your clients can learn at their most convenient times. 

It's all designed to help you make more money and still have a life.

The process is simple:

First you'll schedule a call with me where we discuss your business, your plans, and where you want to go next.

Then on our next call, I'll walk you through a 7 part framework that will make your marketing easier.

As we implement the right words and strategies, you'll grow your brand and bring in more sales so you can do more of what you love.

So stop stressing over how to get this thing off the ground, and schedule your first call with me. We'll put these proven strategies to work in your brand so you can get seen, heard, and paid.

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