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What is the Brand Elevator?

The Brand Elevator takes your brand from the ground floor to world class status. With these packages, you'll have all of the tangible tools you need. 

Entry Level



For clients who need the fundamentals.

We implement the course or brand strategy developed in the BrandStand into a fully cohesive brand. Exact deliverables will be customized to turn you into a well-branded business.




Most Popular

For clients who are ready for a higher level.

After your BrandStand, you'll know exactly what it takes to become a highly-profitable business. We will implement the strategies developed in your BrandStand to create your profitability center.  




Nothing is Stopping You

For clients who stop at nothing. 

We will implement all of the tools you need to create your online money-making machine. This is for businesses who are fully established and are ready for a full marketing system online.


*Previous payment from the BrandStand is applied to the cost of any Brand Elevator package.

Projects can include...

your brand's positioning & messaging, logo, business cards, letterhead, presentation templates, marketing materials, online course outline, course built on Kajabi, marketing funnels, email campaigns, a responsive website that works on every device with written copy - all designed, built, and launched for you. 


Let's elevate your brand.

This is how your business will grow. Don't wait another day.


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Authentic branding that has your audience begging to work with you.

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